Top 20 Holiday Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door

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The turkey is eaten, the Black Friday stash is spent and the Christmas season is now in full swing. There’s probably at least three radio stations playing holiday tunes to create the background noise for your glowing Christmas tree. And you’ve got mistletoe hanging somewhere in your home in hopes that you’ll get a smooch from someone better than your old Aunt Betty. But have you thought about the front door? You can make a Christmas-y impression on your guests before they even knock. So check out these 20 Holiday wreaths to decorate your door.

1. Stars and Greenery Wreath.

Whether you buy your green wreath or make it yourself, adding some sparkly metallic stars give your front door a little bit of glam. Not to mention that stars are classic Christmas decor. (via

Who knew that marshmallows weren’t just for S’mores! Buy a couple bags and some hot glue to make a marshmallow wreath worthy of a wintery marshmallow world. (via

In the gift wrap aisle, you’ll find holiday bows in every size and color you can imagine. All you have to do is decide what your color scheme will be and get gluing for a wreath that has Christmas written all over it. (via

Remember all those gold thumbtacks that went out of style? Here is your re-purposing solution. Arrange them on a foam wreath for a sparkly creation you’ll want to use every year after. (via

Need a spectacular last minute wreath solution for your impending guests? This is totally it. Just go out in your backyard or the nearest park and cut yourself a few twigs of whatever greenery is left. Then arrange them all on simple grapevine wreath for a simple rustic look. (via

While this wreath may look complicated, all you need is some burlap, twine and your choice of decorations. Then you just wrap and tie, wrap and tie and finish with a good fluffing that will make the snow jealous. (via

At one point, your kids will probably drive you nuts, running around the house like wild monkeys, driven by all that Christmas sugar they’ve consumed. Get them productively occupied with this simple and sparkly star wreath. (via

Everybody probably dreams of a white Christmas, but not everybody gets one and some feel like putting an evergreen wreath on their front door is just not fair. For those of you in that camp, here is a wreath that will perfectly match your hotter weather. (via

This pretty wool wreath is inspired by an Anthropologie project and is significantly easier on the wallet. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (via

You’ve probably seen this project before because ornament wreaths are pretty popular nowadays. But, have you seen such a pretty wreath made from dollar store ornaments? I thought not. (via

Greet your guests with that cozy cabin feel by recreating this wood slice wreath. You can make your own wood slices or buy them but either way, this one’s a beauty. (via

Gumdrops are just for gingerbread houses and sugerplum dreams! They combine nicely to make a colorful friendly wreath for the holidays. You might want to keep this one indoors though. (via

Now this is a unique wreath you’ll want to have on your front door or somewhere in your house. Not only is it festive holiday decor, it will make your space smell like cinnamon the whole season long. (via

If you’re going for simplistic holiday decor this year, well we don’t blame you for one. But you can still have a wreath by making this simple circlet out of boxwood branches and embroidery hoops. (via

Here’s another Anthro knock off. Not only are you saving yourself some green, you’re also making a fuzzy, colorful and just plain adorable wreath you can be proud of. (via

Why buy a wreath when you can make one and get an effect far more satisfying? Not only will it be beautiful, you can say “I made this.” (via

Felt can be so useful and you can find it in a million different colors. That makes it the perfect thing to use during the holiday season, as long as you pair it with something gold and sparkly. (via

Magnolia leaves are so green and glossy and beautiful. Pairing them with red berries is definitely a good idea for a statement wreath that will make your front door shout “Merry Christmas to all!” (via

Go to your nearest thrift store and old books are sure to be lying around, waiting to be read or re-purposed. Pick on up to recreate this book page wreath. Want more color? Make sure the book has pictures! (via

So some of us haven’t got time to make a wreath and haven’t got the money to buy one. That doesn’t leave you out though. String up some pine boughs and ornaments on your front door for the same Christmas-y effect. (via All Parenting)

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